Dette er en appel fra en lærer i Chile, sendt til Socialistisk Arbejderavis om at det international samfund skal kende sandheden om hvad der sker i Chile.

The international community needs to know of the crimes being perpetrated by agents of the state in Chile. President Sebastian Piñera has suppressed, criminalized, and undermined the social unrest and emerging movement which has exposed the serious structural inequalities rooted in our society that were created by the extreme neoliberal economic model.

This model, the “Chilean economic miracle”, was promoted as a way of hiding the horrors of the military dictatorship from the world by boasting of great economic growth. This neoliberal system, sustained through fear and repression, privatized and weakened all the social progress achieved before the military coup of 1973.

Over the past few days, Sebastian Piñera’s right-wing government has declared a State Of Emergency, giving the military free rein to roam the streets and impose order. As a result, there have been multiple reports of tortures, murders, and the kidnapping of civilians all over the country.

Our human rights are being violated, and the complicity and censorship of the mass media has only made it more difficult for the international community to see and understand the seriousness of what is happening in our country. We, the Chilean people, need your help and support. We lived in a dictatorship for 17 years, which completely tore our dignity apart. And even though the dictatorship is over, we’ve still endured 30 more years of corruption, abuse, and contempt at the hands of the ones carrying on Pinochet’s legacy in government, business and corporation.

This is our truth and the world must know.